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COVID-19 India Updates | Covaxin approved for children | Vaccines for teenagers

India started vaccination of adolescents; Bharat Biotech says Covaxin demonstrated robust efficacy and safety in people of age 2-18 years

India has started the COVID vaccination drive for adolescents aged 15-18. Half a million young people received the COVID19 vaccine on the first day. India is administering Covaxin for teenagers.

Bharat Biotech announced that Covaxin had demonstrated robust efficacy and safety data in the 2-18 years age group. Further, the company announced that Covaxin is one of the few vaccines which generated data in this age group.

The company has conducted a phase II/III open-label, multicentre study to determine the immunogenicity and safety of the vaccine in healthy children and adolescents aged 2-18 years. Seroconversion was documented in the range of 95-98% in three age groups (2-6 years, 6-12 years, and 12-18 years) four weeks after the second dose. More antibodies were generated in pediatrics compared to adolescents.

The company has received approval for children aged 12-18 years from DGCI in India.

Covaxin can be stored at 2-8 C.

AIIMS/ICR Guidelines

Remedisivir has emergency use authorization and should be used only when

  • The disease is moderate to severe

  • The patient is on oxygen support

  • To be used within ten days from the onset of symptoms

  • It is not recommended to use patients who are at home setting or not on oxygen support

Tocilizumab is an off-label product recommended for severe disease and the if the disease does not improve despite using steroids.

Convalescent plasma is considered in early moderate disease.

COVID behavior and risk of transmission

27 April 2021

Gilead announced measures to expand the availability of remdesivir in India

Gilead Sciences announced that in response to the rapid increase in the COVID-19 cases in India, the company would provide technical assistance to its voluntary licensing partners. The company will supply the active pharmaceutical ingredient to increase the production of remdesivir.

Remdesivir is approved for emergency use in hospitalized adults and children with severe disease.

Gilead will immediately donate 450,000 vials of Veklury (remdesivir) to meet the current high demand.

Gilead announced that all seven of Gilead’s licensees in India increased the production of remdesivir.



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