Top pharmaceutical companies by revenues in 2021

Updated: May 5

Revenues in billions

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Johnson and Johnson reported sales of $ 22.32 billion in the first quarter of 2021. The company reported growth of 7.9%, operational growth of 5.5%, and 6.0% adjusted operational growth.

Consumer health products contributed $ 3.5 billion, pharmaceuticals contributed $ 12.2 billion, and medical devices grew by $ 6.6 billion.

Stelara sales were $ 2.148 billion, Prezista / Prezcobix / Rezolsta / Symtuza contributed to $ 546 million, Invega Sustenna / Xeplion / Invega Trinza / Trevicta revenues contributed to $ 965 million, Darzalex revenues were $ 1.365 billion, Imbruvica sales were $ 1.125 billion, and Opsumit sales were $ 450 million.

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Roche reported revenues of $ 16.27 billion. The group revenues increased by 3%.

Pharmaceutical revenues decreased by 9%, primarily because of the impact of pandemic and biosimilars.

The group has reported a reduction in sales by CHF 1.6 billion because of the biosimilars of MabThera/Rituxan, Avastin, and Herceptin.

Ocrevus reported sales of CHF 1.2 billion, Perjeta sales were CHF 988 million, Tecentriq sales were CHF 775 million, and Hemlibra sales were CHF 661 million.



Pfizer reported phenomenal results in the Q1 of 2021, primarily because of its COVID19 vaccine. The company reported sales of $14.6 billion; the operational incomes increased by 8%.

COVID19 vaccine revenues were $3.5 billion.

Ibrance revenues were $12 billion, a slight decrease of 1%. Eliquis revenues were $1.6 billion, Xeljan reported sales of $0.45 billion.



AbbVie reported an increase in sales by 51%, reported sales of $ 13 billion.

Humira sales were increased by 3.5%; global revenues were $4.87 billion. Skyrizi revenues were %574 million, and Rinvoq sales were $303 million.

Global revenues of Imbruvica were $1.27 billion, and Venclexta was $405 million.

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Novartis reported a decline in sales by 2% because of the COVID-19 related forward purchasing. Sandoz sales declined by 13%. The company announced that COVID-19 impacted dermatology, ophthalmology, breast cancer, Sandoz retail, and anti-infectives.

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The core operating income was declined by 8%. Net income was decreased by 7%, mainly because of the low operating income. Core operating income reduced by 8%, and core net income declined by 6%.

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Cosentyx sales were increased by 11%, reported sales of $ 1.1 billion. Zolgensma sales increased by 81%, with reported sales of $ 319 million. Entresto sales grew by 34%, reported revenues of $789 million, Promacta sales increased by 13% ($ 463 million). Kymriah sales increased by 55% ($ 151 million).



Merck reported revenues of $12.1 billion, with a decline in sales by a 1% constant exchange rate.

The pharmaceutical division revenues were $10.67 billion. The sales were primarily driven By Keytruda, reporting sales of $3.9 billion, increase 16% at a constant exchange rate.

Other sales drivers were Januvia ($1.3 billion), Gardasil/Gardasil 9 ($917 million).

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BMS reported $11.1 billion, an increase in sales by 3%.

The sales of Revlimid increased by 1% ($2.94 billion), Eliquis reported sales of $2.89 billion, Opdivo reported $1.72 billion, Orencia sales were $758 million.

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Sanofi reported sales of $10.39; sales were reduced by 4.3%.

Dupixent sales increased by 45.6%, with reported sales of $1.27 billion. Aubagio sales were $604 million.

Products indicated for rare diseases contributed to $931 million.

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GSK announced sales of £7.4 billion ($10.29 billion). Pharmaceutical revenues were $5.42 billion; vaccine sales were $1.67 billion. Consumer healthcare products reported $3.20 billion.

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Dolutegravir products revenues decreased by 15%, reported sales of $1.38 billion. Benlysta sales increased by 18%, with reported sales of $247 million. Established respiratory products sales reduced by 14%, reported sales of $1.57 billion.

Meningitis vaccine sales reduced by 16%, reported sales of $264 million. Shingles vaccine sales were $454.58 million.