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Updated: Mar 20, 2021

The Netherlands has social health insurance system. It is mandatory for all citizens living in Netherlands to have the health insurance. Adults pay premium and income-based contribution.

Dutch healthcare system is one of the finest systems and has achieved the prestigious position of EHCI.

Drug approval, access and reimbursement in Netherlands


Medicines Evaluation Board

It is responsible for the market authorization. It evaluated the products based on the efficacy, safety and quality.

Ministry of health, welfare and sports (VWS):

It is responsible for including the drugs and services in the benefit package. It is also involved in the drug price negotiation with the pharmaceutical companies.

National Healthcare Institute (ZIN):

This body advices the ministry of health, welfare and sports regarding benefit package, improvement the quality of services, managing funds and distribution to health insurers.

There are two bodies under ZIN

  • Scientific Advisory Board (WAB)

  • Appraisal Committee (ACP)

These two bodies are involved in the reimbursement of drugs.

Health Insurers:

Every citizen is covered by insurance which includes:

  • Health Insurance Act: These covers the basic medical expenses

  • Long-term care act: Long term nursing and care treatment

For children (age less than 18 years), government will sponsor.

There is also voluntary health insurance, for people who require additional benefits.

There are three levels of drugs

  1. List 1A: Therapeutically interchangeable drugs according to reference price system

  2. List 1B: Drugs with added therapeutic benefit that cannot be reimbursed

  3. List 2: Specialty drugs in special circumstances

Health evaluation is conducted for list 1B and list 2 drugs.



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