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Updated: Dec 28, 2022

National healthcare service is the body in Spain which is responsible for providing the health to the Spanish population. Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs is involved in managing NHS.

The healthcare in Spain is decentralized with the 17 autonomous bodies and 2 cities.

Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs is involved in handling pharmacovigilance, product approvals, cost-containment and long term policies. The regional bodies are involved in the healthcare delivery and financing.

National health System Inter-territorial Council is involved in co-coordinating the National Health Service. In Spain, more than 99.5% of the population is covered under publish health insurance.

Inter territorial council responsibility is to provide a catalogue of the services that should be covered by the regional health services, which includes the primary care, pharmacy, specialized care and supplementary care.

The source of NHS is taxes.

The central government provides funds to the individual regional bodies based on the population.


The HTA of Spain healthcare is at 3 different levels, one at the national level excluding pharmaceutical, national level with pharmaceuticals and regional level.

it is the responsibility of the Ministry of health to conduct the HTA off pharmaceuticals. The Ministry considers the cost efficiency, cost effectiveness, safety and healthcare utility.

Ministry of Health, Economy and Industry proposes the drug prices to the cabinet. Spanish medicine and Health products Agency (prepares report about the therapeutic utility of the products) and is involved in fixing the prices for the pharmaceuticals.


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