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European Commission to purchase 200 million doses of Johnson and Johnson's COVID 19 vaccine

Johnson and Johnson announced that the European Commission had approved an Advance Purchase Agreement, according to which the European Commission will be supplied with 200 million doses of COVID 19 vaccine for the EU member states. Through this agreement, the member states can further secure 200 million doses of vaccine.

The agreement comes as a conclusion to the discussions between Johnson & Johnson and the European Commission.

Johnson and Johnson announced that it would supply another 500 million doses of COVID19 vaccine to the lower-income countries after the regulatory authorities' approval.

Johnson and Johnson is currently testing the COVID-19 vaccine candidate in a multi-country Phase 3 trial (ENSEMBLE). The company is also planning to start a trial testing two-dose regimen later this year.

The COVID-19 vaccine is developed using Janssen's AdVac technology, which is used to develop the Ebola vaccine, HIV vaccine, RSV, and Zika vaccine.


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