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Roche completes acquisition of Spark Therapeutics

The company announced that Spark would continue operations in Philadelphia

Basel: Roche and Spark announced that the acquisition completed following the approval from the government agencies.

The company announced that Spark Therapeutics would continue its operations in Philadelphia within the Roche group. Roche completed the subsidiary through a merger of 022019 Merger Subsidiary, Inc. The shares were purchased for USD 114.50 per share in cash.

Severin Schwan, CEO of Roche, said, “We are excited about this important milestone because we believe that together, Roche and Spark will be able to improve the lives of patients through innovative gene therapies significantly.”

Spark Therapeutics is a commercial company involved in developing gene therapies for genetic disorders. Spark Therapeutics involved in developing cures for blindness, hemophilia, lysosomal storage disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases — the company founded in March 2013.


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