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December 08, 2022

Sanofi/GSK's and Novavax's COVID-19 vaccine received a favorable opinion from HAS as a booster dose vaccine.

  • HAS mentioned that the recommendation was critical to fighting against the COVID-19 epidemic, which is spreading in winter

  • HAS prefers bivalent mRNA vaccines irrespective of the previously used vaccines as booster shots

As the COVID-19 spread is increasing, the French National Authority for Health issued a positive recommendation for using Sanofi/GSK's VidPrevtyn Beta and Novavax's Nuvaxovid as a booster shot for COVID-19 infection. HAS emphasized that it is critical to vaccinate people at high risk of severe disease, with comorbidities, pregnant women, and healthcare professionals.

In November 2022, European Commission recommended using VidPrevtyn Beta from Sanofi/GSK as a booster shot for prophylaxis of COVID-19 infection. HAS recommended the use VidPrevtyn Beta in individuals who are reluctant to use bivalent mRNA vaccines. It has demonstrated a good tolerance level in adults and showed a good immune response against BA4/5 variants with this vaccine.

In September 2022, the Nuvaxovid vaccine received approval to use as a booster shot to prevent COVID-19 infection in adults aged 18 years and above. Nuvaxovid is administered intramuscularly and can be used irrespective of the previously used vaccine. The vaccine showed a favorable immune response in the homologous and heterologous populations.

Further, HAS has not recommended using the Valneva vaccine in the primary immunization schedule. The HAS recommendation was based on the lack of clinical efficacy data against the currently circulating variants.


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