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Comparison of the revenues of Q1 2019 of major pharmaceutical companies

Updated: May 8, 2019

Major companies have published their Q1 2019 results. Majority of the companies showed significant growth in the income. However, some companies have reported mild or negative growth in their sales. We tried to make a brief on the factors which are responsible for the increase or decrease in the revenues of major pharmaceutical companies.

Q1 2019 results of Johnson & Johnson Pfizer, Roche, Novartis, AbbVie, GSK, Amgen and Gilead


  • Consumer products : $ 3,318 million

  • Pharmaceuticals : $10,244 million

  • Medical Devices : $6,459 million

Pharmaceuticals has contributed to revenues of $10.24 billion. Janssen has expertise in a range of therapeutic areas. Immunology products including Stelara, Remicade drove the sales. Imbruvica drove the majority of the oncology sales.

Immunology : $3,251 million

  • Remicade : $1,102 million

  • Stelara : $1,405 million

Infectious diseases : $846 million

Neuroscience : $1,629 million

Oncology : $2,518 million

  • Imbruvica : $ 748 million


Pharmaceutical division sales raised by 10%. Ocrevus (multiple sclerosis product), Perjeta, Tecentriq (Oncology products) and Hemlibra (Hemophilia product) have driven the sales.

The sales of Herceptin and MabThera/Rituxan in Europe is strongly affected by biosimilars. Herceptin sales were dropped by 44%, and MabThera sales lowered by 38%.

Sales in China and Japan drove international sales. Sales in China grew by 17% and 7% in Japan.


Pfizer has reported 7% operational growth from biopharmaceuticals. Eliquis (+36%), Ibrance (25%) and Xeljanz (+34%) drove the sales of the pharmaceuticals. Ibrance showed a growth of 107% in international markets and Xeljanz sales increased by 89% in the global markets.


Novartis has shown growth of 7% revenue growth in the innovative products.

Cosentyx showed 41% growth, Lucentis 10%, Entresto 85%, Revolade 24%, Xolair 20%, Jakavi 20% and Ilaris 28%. However, products like Gilenya sales reduced by 3%, Tasigna by 3%, Glivec by 18%.


AbbVie had a significant impact on the revenues because of the biosimilars of Humira. Revenues of AbbVie was decreased by 1.3%. Humira revenues decreased by $ 4.45 billion. Though the revenues from Humira increased in the US, internationally net revenues were decreased by 27.9% because of the biosimilars. Also, HCV sales were reduced by 11.3% impacting the revenues. However, Imbruvica sales increased by 43% which maintained the revenues.


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