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Sanofi and GSK to supply 72 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine

Sanofi and GSK have announced that they have signed an agreement with the government of Canada to supply 72 million doses of the COVID19 vaccine.

Based on the agreement, vaccine manufacturing units located in Canada and across the world will help to provide the vaccine doses to the Canadian government.

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GSK and Sanofi have initiated the Phase ½ trial, and the results are expected in December 2020. Both companies are planning to initiate the Phase 3 trial by the end of this year. The companies are anticipating the approval of the vaccine candidate in the first half of 2021.

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Earlier Sanofi and GSK signed an agreement with European Commission to provide 300 million doses to European industrial networks. In July 2020, the companies have signed an agreement with the U.S government to provide 100 million doses of vaccine to the United States. Further, GSK and Sanofi agreed to supply 60 million doses of vaccine to the U.K. government.

GSK and Sanofi are planning to supply 1 billion doses per year.

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The COVID-19 vaccine candidate was developed using Sanofi’s recombinant protein and GSK’s pandemic adjuvant.


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