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October 13, 2022

GSK announced the results of the respiratory syncytial virus candidate.

GSK announced the Phase 3 results of its respiratory syncytial virus candidate in adults aged 60 years and above. The vaccine was highly efficacious, showing an overall efficacy of 82.6% against lower respiratory tract disease. The vaccine has reduced severe RSV disease by 94.1%. GSK announced that the efficacy is consistent across RSV A and B strains.

High efficacy against RSV-lower respiratory tract disease was observed in adults aged 70-79 years (93.8%), and in adults with co-morbidities (individuals with cardiorespiratory and endocrinometabolic conditions ) was 94.6%. The vaccine was effective against both RSV A and RSV B (84.6% and 80.9%).

The vaccine efficacy against RSV-related LRTD was 84.4% in >70 years of age, 33.8% in >80 years, 81% in 60-69 years, and 93.% in the 70-79 years.

GSK announced that high efficacy was demonstrated across various secondary endpoints.

The vaccine was found to be safe and has been well tolerated.

AReSVi-006 is a Phase 3, placebo-controlled trial which recruited nearly 25,000 participants across seventeen countries.


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