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Pricing strategies followed by different countries

Updated: May 20, 2018

International price referencing

UK is the most widely referenced country. Even though the pharmaceutical sales constitute to 3% of the global market, but it has wide impact on the total pharmaceutical market.

Until 2011, in Germany it is free pricing. However Germany also started referencing the prices in the other countries to determine the prices.

In France, Italy and Spain, there are price negotiations between the companies and the government.

In Netherlands, for out patients government will set maximum wholesale prices

Generics There is pricing cap in France.

In Italy and Spain, there is the concept of internal reference pricing. Prescription of non-prescription drugs was not regulated.

Degree of health outcomes is important in most of the countries.

Cost effectiveness and budget impact are important in Italy, Spain and Netherlands.

In Canada, Patented Medicine Prices Review Board will evaluate and regulate ex-factory price of patented products.

International Reference Pricing Considerations

France: Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdon

Canada: France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdon, USA,

Germany: Not defined

Italy: Not defined

Netherlands: Belgium, France, Germany and United Kingdom

Spain: 22 countries (most of the EU nations)

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