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Indian Pharma News | 2024 | iPharmaCenter

January 08, 2024

Cipla Embarks on Transformative Collaboration for Global Advancement of Cell Therapy Solutions

Cipla Limited has recently announced a significant partnership with Kemwell Biopharma Private Limited and Manipal Education & Medical Group, alongside their respective subsidiaries, Kemwell Biopharma UK Limited and MNI Ventures, Mauritius. This collaborative effort is geared towards establishing a joint venture in the United States, focusing on the global development and commercialization of groundbreaking Cell therapy products designed to address critical medical needs in the United States, Japan, and the EU.

The joint venture will see Cipla (EU) Limited securing a substantial 35.2% stake, strategically leveraging its expertise in product development and commercialization. Teaming up with Kemwell, renowned for its biologics proficiency, and Manipal, known for its excellence in healthcare delivery, this collaboration aims to expedite the progress of cutting-edge Cell therapy solutions across various stages, including development, manufacturing, licensing, and international trade.

This collaboration signifies the second joint venture between Cipla and Kemwell Biopharma, following the establishment of Aspergen Inc., USA in 2022. Aspergen Inc. is actively engaged in the global development, manufacturing, and commercialization of biosimilars, contributing to Cipla's global leadership in lung-related therapies.

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