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Exscientia and Sanofi collaborated to develop AI-driven pipeline medicines, UK based drug discovery companies may receive payments up to $5.2 billion

Exscientia and Sanofi have collaborated to develop 15 new molecules across oncology and immunology, using Exscientia's AI-driven platform with patient samples. Both companies will collaborate to identify and develop small molecules.

Exscientia uses patient samples; its platform enables patient samples for early discovery and drug research. This helps to use the patient and disease data early in drug development. Exscientia is responsible for the drug design and development, Sanofi is responsible for the pre-clinical studies, clinical development, and commercialization.

Exscientia will get an upfront payment of $100 million for research and development and receive payments up to $5.2 billion if all the milestones are achieved. According to the deal, Exscientia will receive royalties from high-single-digit to mid-teens upon successful development and commercialization. Further, it can get shares up to 21% if it co-commercializes the development.


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