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AbbVie acquires Mavupharma, making its oncology pipeline stronger

AbbVie announced the acquisition of MavuPharma, a biopharmaceutical company involved in developing therapies targeting STING (Stimulator of Interferon Genes) pathway. The pathway is involved in developing therapies against cancer.

STING pathway is involved in stimulating the immune system against cancer. Stimulating the STING pathway is an key pathway for developing therapies against cancer.

MAVU-104 is a small molecule inhibitor of ENPP1, a key enzyme involved in STING pathway. By inhibiting the ENPP1, the product stimulates the immune system, preventing the requirement of injections.

MavuPharma is founded in 2016, developing therapies targeting the STING pathway and involved in developing therapies against cancer. The company was earlier funded by Frazier Healthcare Partners and joined by Alpine BioVentures.


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