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2019: Annual revenues of top pharmaceutical companies

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Revenues of top pharmaceutical companies, global top pharmaceutical companies
Revenues of top pharmaceutical companies in 2019


  1. JOHNSON AND JOHNSON: $82.1 billion

  2. ROCHE: $63.3 billion

  3. PFIZER: $51.75 billion

  4. NOVARTIS: $47.45 billion

  5. MERCK: $46.84 billion

  6. GSK: $ 43.92 billion

  7. SANOFI: $39.28 billion

  8. ABBVIE: $33.27 billion

  9. ABBOTT: $31.90 billion

  10. TAKEDA: 31.17 billion

Other major pharma companies are:

  • BMS: $26.15 billion

  • AMGEN: $21.30 billion

  • NOVO NORDISK: $18.30 billion

Janssen reported the annual revenues of $82.1 billion, pharmaceutical segment contributed to $ 42.20 billions

The group has reported growth of 0.6%. The pharmaceutical division reported growth of 3.6%. The growth has been driven by Stelara (ustekinumab), Darzalex (daratumumab), Imbruvica (ibrutinib), Tremfya (guselkumab), Invega Sustenna/Xeplion/Invega Trinza/Trevicta (paliperidone palmitate) . The sales of Remicade declined because of biosimilars.

Roche presented impressive financial data, group sales rose by 9%, reported net sales of USD 63.3 bn

  • Roche sales were increased by 9%. The group has reported USD 63.30 bn

  • The revenues of the pharmaceutical division was CHF 48.5 bn (50.03 bn)

  • The company reported an increase in sales by 13% in the USA, Japan by 9% and international sales by 15%

  • Avastin sales were increased by 4%

  • Rituxan/Mabthera sales in Europe and Japan were affected by biosimilar competition. In Europe, sales were decreased by 33% and 44% in Japan

  • Ocrevus sales were increased by 57%; the company reported sales of CHF 3.7 bn (USD 3.82 bn)

Pfizer has reported a decline in sales by 4%; reported annual sales of USD 51.75 bn

  • The revenues were dropped by 4%

  • Eliquis sales were increased by 23%; the company has reported sales of USD 4.22 bn

  • Ibrance sales were increased by 20%. The company has reported revenues of USD 4.96 bn

  • A mere 1 % boosted Prevnar 13 sales, sales of USD 5.85 bn was reported

  • Lyrica revenues were USD 3.32 bn and of Lipitor were USD 1.97 bn

  • Xeljanz reported sales of 2.24 bn and Pfizer share of Enbrel was 1.70 bn

Novartis presented strong financial data supported by Cosentyx and Entresto; sales increased by 9%; reported net sales USD 47.45 bn

  • Novartis announced that full-year net sales rose by 9%. The company has reported net sales of USD 47.45 bn

  • The results were mostly driven by sales of Cosentyx (USD 3.6 bn, increased by 28%), Entresto (USD 1.7 bn, increased by 71%) and Zolgensma

  • The company has reported sales of USD 37.7 from innovative medicines. Sandoz has reported sales of USD 9.7 bn

  • The company’s last year best selling product Gilenya sales were reduced by 4%. The net sales of Gilenya were USD 3.22 bn. The company reported that the sales decreased because of the competition

  • Xolair sales were increased by 13%. The company reported sales of USD 1.17 bn

Merck reported sales of $46.8 billion, an increase of 11%, Keytruda sales were increased by 55%

Merck has reported increase in sales by 11%. The sales were primarily driven by Keytruda.

  • The company reported the sales of Keytruda as more than $ 11 billion, compared to $ 7 billion in 2018

  • Gardasil/ Gardasil 9 revenues were $ 3.74 billion

  • ProQuad / M-M-R II / Varivax were reported as $ 2.23 billion


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