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United Kingdom COVID19 News | Has Britain reached herd immunity?

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

As of May 9th, one-third of adults in England received two doses of the COVID19 vaccine

NHS England announced that one-third of adults in England were vaccinated with two doses of the COVID19 vaccine. 14.87 million people in England received both doses. In total, NHS administered 44.45 million doses of vaccines; administering the second dose is the priority for NHS.

66.8% of the adult population received their first shot.

NHS said that it is vaccinating based on guidance from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation.

Has Britain reached herd immunity? Experts says not yet

NHS England announced that nearly one-third of its adult population received both the jabs of COVID19 vaccine, and two-third received at least one dose of vaccines.

For herd immunity, nearly 70% of patients need to be immunized. However, these numbers should include the pediatric population as well.

The University College London predicted that nearly 73.4% of patients had received immunity either through infection or vaccines on April 9th.

In an interview with New York Times, Anthony Fauci mentioned that at least 90% of Americans should be immunized to get herd immunity.

Nobody is safe until everyone is safe

With the entry of more variants, it might be challenging to say if the UK achieved herd immunity. Previously it was mentioned that cities in India reached herd immunity, but it is currently facing a severe surge in the cases.

So until the majority of the population in the world gets the immunity, the risk with variants will always arise.



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